About Me

I’m Andrew. I’m at my best trotting up a steep rocky fell to a remote summit, or emerging from a sudden plunge into a cold sea. It’s these experiences of pushing body and mind in places less frequented by man that makes me feel most alive. I believe that developing one’s own thoughts and ideas is critical in an age of information overload, and many times has a long, wet run helped me tap into a wonderful stream of creativity that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Ever one to question the norm and occasionally not conforming for the sake of it, I took a different turn in the early stages of a corporate career and now run my own business – Roam Outer Hebrides, which operates sea kayak tours from the Isle of Harris in distant Northwest Scotland.

Ever since coming to Scotland around the time of graduation to train for and compete in the Scottish Islands Peaks Race, a strong affinity has grown for both the place and the people. Whether prowling the squash courts of Edinburgh or kitesurfing off a deserted beach on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland has started to feel like home.

Reflecting on past experiences and dreaming up daring schemes for the future is really important for finding direction and purpose, so I have come to love documenting my own thoughts and adventures both through writing and video. This is the reason that this site came into existence.

Find out what I’ve been up to in my blog, or watch a video from my adventures. If you’re interested in creating a video together for your social media channel or website, have a look at my previous projects.

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