I can make a video for your business – for social media or a website. I can write about an event or product, and take photographs of it. Please get in touch if you are interested in working together, or take a look at my YouTube channel which also carries many more personal projects.

Heike makes artisan mustard and sells it from her Mustard Shack in Leverburgh on the Isle of Harris, and through a number of other vendors. Definitely the most enthusiastic mustard-maker I’ve ever met!
A short promotional video for Bespoke Bicycles, based at The Hub in Lews Castle Grounds, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Ali has done an incredible job of renovating a run down old building into a fully fledged bike shop, workshop and cafe, with a fantastic network of flowing mountain bike trails leading right from the doorstep.
Geoff making belts for his Leatherworks business on the Isle of Harris.
In March 2019, I teamed up with artist Beatrice Searle to make a film about her carving of a stone, which sits opposite a monument to the hunter that allegedly killed the last wolf in Scotland in the 1700s, near Brora, Sutherland. Bea’s stone offers a different message; an alternative version of events which casts new light on this extraordinary animal – “a lament, a protest, a hope for the future.” Read more about the project and view the stone here.

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